Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How Can I Paint When The World's Gonna End?

There is a piece-- a project, really-- that I've been working on for two weeks now. And by "working on" I mean not doing diddly squat. Most of the tedious, not fun part is done I just haven't put brush to canvas and I don't know why. At night I lie awake thinking and plotting how I'm going to attack the painting. I do this because I don't sleep. And then my mind just takes a weird turn and I start thinking about the star Betelgeuse-- or, as I'm going to call if from now on, Beetlejuice.

This is the size of Beetlejuice compared to our solar system, so good thing it's 640 light-years away. It is about to go supernova. Aaany minute now. Or perhaps as soon as 10,000 years or maybe even it already has. We don't really know considering all news from Beetlejuice is 640 years old. Scientist now say that when it goes supernova it probably won't produce a gamma ray burst. Probably. Let's be clear. If it did produce a gamma ray burst it would kill us all. It most likely won't, assure the astrophysicists. Most likely.

Which means to me that it is not outside the realm of possibility. So it is possible Beetlejuice already went supernova and did produce a gamma ray burst and we've all been dead for 640 years, we just don't know it.

This is more worrying to me then the Yellowstone Super Volcano. It's gonna blow one of these centuries. It's kinda overdue but we can watch it and perhaps prepare as a global community. Oh sure, us United Statsians are clearly fucked and will have to depend on the kindness of our allies. But we've been spreading around nothing but goodwill lately, so I'm sure those of us who survive will be fine. BTW, here's an artist's rendition of the Yellowstone Super Volcano:

Isn't that super volcano beautiful? And while I'm sure that is a digital painting, I'd love to be able to produce something like this on canvas. If only I weren't worrying so much about the world ending. . .

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