Tuesday, August 11, 2015

If You Are of a Certain Age, Can I Ask You Some Questions?

When I was a small child, the United States was going through a crazy phase. My abuela, who raised me, was pretty Old World. She wasn't about to answer these questions. So they stuck with me all these years. Perhaps an anonymous internet reader who is familiar with those olden, crazy times can answer a few of them.

1. Was Lyle Waggoner ever funny or was his total purpose standing next to Vicki Lawrence looking classically handsome?

2. Did Little Willie ever go home?

3. Did Peter Lupus ever speak in Mission Impossible?

4. Did you have to buy a pet rock or could you adopt a stray from the street?
5. If you were really hungry, could you eat Baby Alive food?
6. Did Gilligan's Island, I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched all travel Over The Rainbow like Dorothy did?
7. Did grown-up, white, adult males wear plaid Sansabelt pants unironically?
8. Was there a difference between Matchbox and Hot Wheels and did boys do anything with them besides stuff them in their mouths?
9. Was I the only kid freaked out when Samantha re-modeled Darren's face?
10. Loop or Ball?

Do you think you've seen enough of Lyle Waggoner? Have not seen any of Barbara Eden? Here's two bonus pictures for making it to the end of this blog entry.