Friday, March 3, 2017

In The Beginning There was Clive, The Mad Welshman.

I don't remember how I stumbled across Clive of Clive5Art but it was very early on in my art journey. I don't know why he it the spot so well. I liked his style of painting and I liked how he rambled on and I liked his accent and how he seemed like such a proper English gentleman who occasionally wore a thumb ring. Over the years his studio has grown and his production values have gotten better and he tries so very hard not to ramble and keep his videos short. I dunno, I love the ramblings. Here he is introducing himself:

Just as Angela Anderson showed me that I could paint pictures that weren't crap, Clive showed me I can paint pictures that I could be proud of. Not that I wasn't proud of some of my other stuff.  You know, stuff that didn't look like crap always made me happy. But look at this study of a cat's eye I painted following one of his tutorials.

 I could paint like this? Wow Clive, thanks for showing me I could.

Of course I have an Etsy!  Pinkslink's Fallen Face Studio