Tuesday, March 7, 2017

More Internet Teacher Love

Are you a beginner acrylic painter but don't know your acetone from your elbow? Hie thee quickly to YouTube and hashtag yourself some BigArtQuest! There is some real learning going on over at Cinnamon Cooney's channel, The Art Sherpa. And Cinnamon is a work of art herself. I just adore her Ombre lips and matching hair.  Plus, you can tell that just off-camera, she's a little bit salty. I like that imagined trait in a person.

The Rocky Horror tutorial I link to below is not part of The Art Sherpa's Big Art Quest. The Big Art Quest includes things like How to Make Custom Color Charts and The Miracle of Acrylic Mediums and Easy Skin Tones. These videos are actual lessons with definitions and homework and stuff-- that you don't have to do because it's YouTube! and not an expensive class you paid hundreds of dollars for. So blow it off, who cares?

I very recently watch this video (note Cinnamon's purple Ombre action) and was inspired to paint my own lips. Not my own lips that are on my face. No-- my own painting of lips not done according to this tutorial. Except for how to paint the teeth. I did suffer badly from "Chiclet teeth". The Sherpa fixed that.

Here's how I did it.

 Picked a very, very pinkish peach and painted the whole canvas. Drew in the fang lips with a charcoal pencil (Don't be messy like me when you do this). First coat of teeth is grey, inside of mouth is black and the shadow is burnt umber.

First coat of magenta, oxide red and titanium white.

Second coat. And we're blending and blending and blending. . . .

Highlight them teeth! No Chiclets here.


More layers. More blending. More layers. More blending. Now shine them lips up good and glossy!

Ya know, that pretty much is what Cinnamon did in her video. Except my lips are Ombre and I did a lot more layers.

Ombre. A word that I have used maybe 3 times in my whole life and now I have a page on the internet, which means forever, repeating it over and over.

Why yes, I do have an Etsy! Pinkslinkie's Fallen Face Studio.