Friday, March 10, 2017

Will Kemp's Cherry and Carl's Glass Gems

More of an Art School style YouTuber (he, in fact, has an on-line art school you can enroll in) Will Kemp taught me how to layer with acrylics. You could say Will Kemp's cherry busted my art bone. You could say that but don't. It's stupid. Anyway, here's the first part of Will Kemp's cherry.

Will Kemp's cherry is so complex that it comes in a four part series that contains five parts. I'm not even joking. This series of lessons was one of the best YouTube lesson I ever watched. There's no way I would have been able to tackle Carl's Glass Gem Corn without it.

"Carl's Glass Gem Corn? What the hell is that?" I can pretend someone asks so I may continue typing. Carl's Glass Gem Corn is a painting of corn cultivated by Carl named Glass Gem. The corn is called Glass Gem. Carl is the cultivator. The painting is called Carl's Glass Gem Corn.


Under-painting layer.

About three layers in.

I'd say there are about 4 more layers in this one.

Another 3 layers plus shine.

This is not how the painting actually looks. All these pictures were taken inside my far too gloomy painting room. It can't be called a studio, it's too dark. Here's a picture of the painting taken outside-- on a cloudy day, no less.

This here one is more how the painting looks in real life.

Why yes, I do have an Etsy! Fallen Face Studio