Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Hours Continue to Need Filling

Back in January of 2015 my face fell. Did the hospital thing and the rehab thing and, after about two months, my job told me that they did not want my wobbly, drooly, funny talking ass around no more. Also, jewelry making became almost impossible. Now what was I going to do?

After week of sitting at home wondering what the hell I was going to do with myself now that all I could do was walk into walls and drop food out of my mouth, I decided I wanted to paint a picture. Not to paint a picture, mind you, but as a stencil of sorts for a mosaic. I got some acrylic paint from my craft room and the lid of a cigar box and painted a flower-eyed view of the sky. Look at this piece of shit:

Boy, you could tell I hadn't painted a damn thing since elementary school. But I still had paint and I still had cigar box lids and I still had 24 hours to fill-- minus the sleepy time, of course. So I pressed on. I painted about 3 very, very terrible paintings before realizing that there were teachers out there, willing to teach me for free. My very first painting teacher was Angela Anderson and she taught me how to paint trees with sponges.

I do not have a picture of the painting I did using this tutorial (my fourth ever) because someone liked it and I gave it to them. Yes, I--me!-- painted something nice enough for someone else to want. Well now. This meant I had to buy supplies!

The thing is, ever since I picked up that brush 2 and a little bit years ago I have not put it down. Every day I paint a little. Every day I learn more with teachers who just give away painting lessons! They just give them away. For free. I am forever grateful.

Of course I have an Etsy! Pinkslink's Fallen Face Studio.