Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Eat The Weeds!

My front lawn is far to close to the street to eat from, but I did prep two veggie beds this last weekend. If  you don't believe me, I have the pictures to prove it:

There was a lot of wild onion in the small bed in the background. So we ate it for dinner. You too can eat your weeds, but before you do, make sure it is wild onions and wild garlic you are dealing with and not Death Camas. Because Death Camas can, as you probably guessed by the name, kill you. They grow in the western part of North America. There is one sure way to tell the difference between Death and onions: the smell.

Wild onions and garlic smell like (again, it's all in the name) onions. They smell very strongly. You can smell them way before you pick them. In fact, just walking buy a bunch can be an olfactory attack so severe, you'll need to wash your face with a skunk to get over it. I'm exaggerating. I have to say I'm exaggerating so I don't get sued by idiots with skunk breath. Again, I exaggerate.

Anyways, these are them that I picked all cleaned up and ready for the getting ready.
Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, add a few slices of ginger and slap that sunova right on the grill. In order to make them extra tasty, my husband grilled pork chops too. Because pork chops make everything tastier. Here is the lawn all cooked and finally ready to get eaen:
I do not advise eating the ginger. Unless you're into that. Then go ahead and eat a big ole slab of ginger, see if I care.

Nostalgic 80's romance girl has not done anything very 80's today except for wearing her hair in a scrungi on the top of her head. Also, she's still being very virginal. We all know how that went out of style in the eighties.