Friday, May 22, 2015

The Kitchen Thingy Project- Part One

If you read design webpages-- and really, who doesn't-- they all say that a good color for a dark kitchen is yellow. The previous owners of the house I now live in went with this design principle in a big, bright, mustardy way.

It was time to stop this nonsense. And also to clean the damn walls because yuck. I so very much wanted red but was shouted down by the rest of the people who have to look at the walls every day. So I went with green.

After the kitchen was did, we needed to re-organize. One mini-project I latched on to like a crazy person (because that is exactly what I am) was what I have been calling the Kitchen Thingy. Here's a very little background on that.

Several years ago my son (also insane) took an unused wooden cutting board, attached magnets and a hooking thingamabob and hung it on the side of one of the cabinets to store knives and stuff. This is what an insane person thinks up when making storage for knives:

Also, it didn't work. The magnets were not strong enough to hold up the knives. And, although it went well with our previous kitchen's style of Abject Squalor, it did not fit with the new Not Disgusting decor. And so started the adventure of The Kitchen Thingy Project.. . .Dun dun duuuuuuuun!

To Be Continued. . .
80's romance girl is playing charades at a party. We used to do that in the 80's.