Tuesday, May 12, 2015

So Now That I'm Disabled, What The Hell Am I Gonna Do?

As of May 8th, 2015, I have been separated from payroll. I now have to fill the hours with something more than Vestibular Therapy. Sunday was easy. It was Mother's Day and I forced my family to take me plant shopping. Usually I make them buy me all kinds of vegetables and annuals. Many more than can fit on our small piece of dirt. This year, not so much. Don't have the stamina.

I do, however, have an experiment going. Will mint make a good ground cover for the front lawn?
This is my dead front lawn. There are two newly planted peppermint and spearmint plants hidden among the dry death. It was only after they were planted that I read that mint does not do well in direct sunlight. This lawn is totally East facing and gets a shi. . .boatload of sunlight from sun up until the sun dips behind the house many hours after 12 noon. Good thing I underestimated how many plants I would need to fill in this spot.

My plan going forward: Plant creeping thyme. Much better suited for direct sunlight. There will be a battle for supremacy on the front lawn. Who will win? Weeds, dead grass, tulip bulbs wild onion or dandelions? There can only be one! Well, there can be more than one. I'm rooting for Team Mint.

In other news, my 1980s romance continues to stupify me with how very 80's it is. Heroine uses a phone book. A DAMN PHONE BOOK! Verizon insists on leaving these on my doorstep even now. Do you know what they are good for? Lighting my charcoal barbecue chimney, that's what.