Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Another Box With Pics-- Part Final Finally!

When last we saw this project, I was contemplating burning my fingers embellishing the bastard. In my mind's eye (which is in no way affected by the Bell's Palsy-- unlike my friggin' right eye) I saw myself hot gluing leather to the handles. This is what the box looked like then:

And this is what I had planned to hot glue onto the handles:

I feel as if I should explain the two week gap between this post and the last time I mentioned this project. And that explanation is that I am surely dipping into senile dementia. Firstly, I could not find the box. I thought I put it in the area of my bookshelf designated for projects-in-progress and, when it wasn't there, I figured one of the cats knocked it on the floor and under the bed because fucking cats, you know? But no. It was on the bed, under one of the 7 pillows that live there, undetected. For a week. Because I am not a princess and it wasn't a pea.

And then once the box was found, the leather disappeared into the space known as Safe Keeping. The spool of leather was found in a box of crap under a table in the Craft Room. I saw it and thought, "I'm gonna need this once I find the box. Let me put it aside for safe keeping" and then dutifully put it somewhere safe from me ever finding it.

I found the leather in a bag on the Project Shelf. Since the bag was not see through, I could not see what was inside. Last night my senility prompted me to angrily snatch up the bag that obviously did not belong on the shelf of projects that needed finishing and toss it onto the The Largest Shelf Ever, otherwise known as the floor. Out rolled the leather.

The kicker is-- I didn't use the damned leather OR the hot glue to finish the stinking box. This is because, firstly, I did not relish the thought of burning the hell out of myself using my hot glue gun. But secondly, and much more importantly, the leather thong is round and not flat. It would have taken gallons of hot glue, clamps and patience I am not in possession of to glue the round leather to the handle.

Below are the last pictures of the box project. These pictures are quite shitty. The reason they are shitty is because I am the Universe's plaything. My camera decided that, just for shits and giggles, it would not focus on the thing I wished to take a picture of and instead would focus on the background. I thought of solving this problem by smashing the camera against a wall but thought better of it. The solution I came up with was to use the Macro setting on the camera. Brace yourself for some pretty meaningless close ups.

I have ribbon. I just do. Not much, mind you, but enough to find this ribbon, which matched the colors of the box project nicely. Here is a useless close up of ribbon:

For sure did not want to use the hot glue gun. Sure, most craft people swear by the stuff, but I never learned to control the strings. Also it burns like the adhesive formed out of the devil's sticky anal glands. Instead I used mosaic glue. I could have used Elmer's glue but look at the label--

Can you see it? Says "dries clear" and it does. This would make it the best craft glue in the world. What keeps that from happening is that I can get Elmer's at the 99 cent store for, well, 99 cents. Mosaic glue cost considerably more.

What's next? Glue and roll.

and roll:

The finished product

It took me a month. However, if you are not suffering from senile dementia, you could probably do it in a week if you allow proper drying times. If you don't feel like waiting for crap to dry, you could do this in less than a week.