Monday, July 20, 2015

Still Filling The Hours Painting Terribly

My dumbass ass is acting all sciatic-y plus it is 91 degrees with the humidity at close to 70%. This means I become a bedroom shut-in. The Bedroom-- where the air is cool and my ass -- well, it's still hurty but I am not allowed to chop it off with a buzz saw. Federal regulations.

One thing I learned painting on my bed is that I can paint on my bed. Without painting the sheets. This makes by husband happy. Oh, alright. I'll be honest. It doesn't make him happy. It doesn't make him unhappy either. It makes him nothing because he sleeps through the whole process. Sleeps like a baby. Like a giant, farty, snoring baby.

A couple of things I've learned so far. You don't like something? Paint right over it! I tried my hand at one stroke petals (although one stroke is a kind of technique, it isn't one of a sexual nature no matter how 12 year old I am inside) and the results were not flowers. What to do? Paint over it! I overpaint with white but I've read that some people simply turn the canvas upside down and start painting. That would be far too distracting to me.

Another thing I learned is that my paint dries to fast. I'm supposed to have at least 10 minutes to paint and blend but, as you can see by Honeybear's eyes, the drying time was less than 5 minutes.

The only way I got the black to blend even the slight amount it did was to spray it with a mist of water. It is sooooooo humid, shouldn't the paint take much, much longer to dry? Still, I am not painting over Honeybear. I like him.


Poor 80's romance girl. It is too hot and there is no air conditioning where her life is taking shape in the computer room. She's destined to stay horny and unfulfilled until the weather breaks.