Thursday, July 2, 2015

Architects Be Buggin', Yo

One day my internet wanderings brought me to China and this house built to hold plans for city being built. It also has public spaces and halls to rent. It is the Piano House. It is said that this house is built true to scale at 50:1. If that is true, then that is the largest damned violin ever as it towers over the piano behind it.

"Well," said Kansas City, "I see your giant instruments and raise you colossal books!" And they made their central library out of 22 books picked by the public.

"Oh yeah!" said a bunch of drunk architects the world over, "How 'bout we build a bunch of upside down houses!"

Apartment building in London

Poland's architects did not stop drinking after they built the upside down house. They kept knocking back the vodka and designing buildings. 

By the time they sobered up, it was too late.

In Portugal the builders where between a rock and a hard place (the hard place being rocks), so they built this house for someone to live in.

The ancient Greeks took rock houses to dizzying heights-- literally. The monks wanted to be left alone and THEY WERE NOT KIDDING!

Lastly is this lovely residential tower in India. The rich people part of India, not the India where they kill infant girls because they can't afford to feed too many children and boys are so much better. No, the part of India where, if you have enough cash, you can swim in the sky.

Yeah, not for me because AAIIEEEEEEE but thanks anyway, drunk architects.