Thursday, July 16, 2015

How To Paint Terribly Some More

When last I left you I had three 4X2 canvases on which I painted a two terrible paintings: a depressed daisy and decapitated trees. This left me with one unpainted canvas and still no sun in the sky. Remember the sun in the sky? That's what started this whole 'I'm gonna paint really bad pictures' dealie. Well, now I had Clive and Angela's sound advice on using acrylic paints and it was time to re-tackle the sun.

The sun that was in my head was a fiery ball with a scorching red corona in the summer blue sky but, if there was one thing I learned from The Internet School of Painting Terribly, was that I do not have the talent to paint a fiery red corona in a summer blue sky.  I could, however, use my newly acquired blending skills to paint a hot mess. So I did.

I especially like this sun because I did not find a specific lesson on how to paint the sun in the sky. This hot mess is all my own creation.

This left me with one sun, three trees, one gloomy daisy and zero moons. Which was bothering me because I saw Clive demonstrate a technique on painting a moon (or a planet) and I needed symmetry. Badly. It was eating away at me. The sun needs a moon and here is a way to paint the moon and I want to paint the moon. I really, really want to paint the moon. I HAVE to paint the goddamned moon!

So I painted over the Cymbalta Daisy with a light grey with a touch of blue and painted this goddamn terrible moon. I felt much better afterward.

I also ordered more canvases.