Thursday, June 4, 2015

Animal Shoes Because People Are Crazy

First off, these cat shoes are not crazy. If I wore heels, I'd wear them to the next Westminster Cat Show-- just to show those aloof fuckers who is boss.

I also found dog shoes. I wouldn't wear them to a dog show, though. Sure it looks like a dog but it also looks like poop. It looks like a shoe made out of dog poop.

There are lots of animals for your feet out there. There are lions

And tigers

And bears

Oh my!

But you know what kind of shoes the internet has more than enough of? More than fish shoes

Or giraffe shoes

Or even fighting bird shoes?

The internet has an overwhelming supply of hoof shoes. If you search for hoof shoes, you'll have to be more specific. Would you like cow hooves?

Not your style? Maybe golden hooves are more to your liking.

Perhaps you'd like to be able to stand upright and are not a ballerina. No prob, have a hooved heel.

 Are you thirteen and love rainbows and unicorns? There's a hoof for you.

There are so many hoof shoes out there I'm beginning to think it may have something to do with porn. Because that's what the internet is good for, oversupplying us with porn.

That's it for today's shoeathon. If you don't like my obsession with weird ass shoes, well,

If 80's girl was into clubbing, I'm sure she'd visit The Garage AND The Latin Quarter.