Friday, June 5, 2015

Kitchen Thingy Project-- Part The Last

Where were we? Oh, about here:

Almost done. All I need now are some hooks. Went searching for hooks. Found a very few I thought went with the project. I really loved these:

I would have loved to have linked directly to the Amazon page that I found them on so that all can see that I'm not lying when i say they wanted almost $40 for these six hooks. Fuck that noise. I went to the 99 Cent store looking for the most cheaply made utensils I could find. I settled on these guys:

It should be noted that the 99 Cent store is a lie and these spoons are a lie. A thirty cent lie.

So, to teach them a lesson about lying I beat them with hammers.

Then I curled them around cans using pliers and, again, our friend the hammer.

And then I drilled holes in their lying asses.

Lemme tell ya, drilling holes in that thin metal was not as easy as I thought it would be. See that the work bench is wet? That's because the drill and the spoon get really, really hot. So I got a cup of ice water and periodically put the drill bit in the water and took a piece of ice and put it on the spoon. It also took, like 5 or 10 minutes to drill all the way through the spoon. Even with the water and ice, it still left smoking holes in the wood beneath that smelled just like barbecue.

Added small pilot holes into the wood before I screwed the spoons down with random screws I found in the toolbox.

And there you have it. The Kitchen Thingy for hanging weird shaped utensils that don't fit in any drawer or holder I have. Here it is in action:

Sometimes you start a diy project thinking it'll be much cheaper than buying it already made and then you end up buying $40 dollar hooks, but this project cost me exactly one dollar and twenty nine cents, plus tax because I started with this piece of shit wood I already had,

used the left over pant from the recently repainted kitchen and already had stencils and crackle and screws and hammers and drills because that's how I live. 

My son's birthday project? That cost real money.

80's romance guy does not wear Members Only jackets because he's rich and not a Guido.