Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Box With Pic, Part Decoupage

Last we saw our box it looked like this:

Maybe I should leave it just like this. I think it's might pretty. But no, I have an idea in my head. My head, where I keep stuff no one should be a party to. Also where I keep box ideas that include decoupage. I like to decoupage with napkins. You can get really nice napkins with great designs on them. Here's a pack of napkins I purchased just because I loved the design.

Truth be told, I chose the colors to paint the box based on these napkins. Of course you can't see the real colors of the napkins because I took this picture in my dark, not well lit bedroom. A heads up-- a took many of the next pics in my dark, not well lit bedroom. Dark, not well lit bedrooms are great if you are old and fat and like to have sex but don't want to see all that old fat. Not so good for blog pictures. Just saying. . .

In order to get your decoupaged box not too wrinkled, you need to separate the layers like so

And then you have to decide exactly how it is you want to lay your decoupage on your box. Since I liked the paint job so much, I decided to let it show and placed the peeled napkins accordingly.

You can buy decoupage glue and spend far too much money or you can go to the 99 cent store and buy Elmer's glue and water it down. I like it a little thicker than half water, half glue. Put the glue on the box, lay the napkin on the glue and then use the sponge brush to gingerly brush more diluted glue over the top.

You can remove the excess paper after the glue dries slightly. It'll be easy to carefully tear off then. Painting diluted Elmer's over the paper will give it a nice finish, but I like my boxes extra glossy. So I spray painted gloss over the entire box.

The last step was taken because I just did not like all that extra paper hanging out over the edges of the box. To fix this I took a file to them. That worked fine.

The box is now decoupaged. P.S., the picture below is terrible but I don't feel like taking another. Really, the box is not as spotty and dirty as it appears. Or maybe it is but I'm not seeing it in real life because I don't want to. Whatever. Next is embellishment which may take a while and will most likely hurt me. A lot.