Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Druse, A Poor Girl's Diamond

Wiki has a nice and concise definition of druse: In geologydruse refers to a coating of fine crystals on a rock fracture surface, vein or within a vug or geode. When I look for it for jewelry, the term I use to search is "druzy" or "druzie". Here is a picture of druse forming on a hunk of quartz:

I like druzies. I'm being understated. I really, really like druzies. What's not to like? They are beautiful and rainbowy and, best of all, cheap as dirty rocks. I saw this one below on eBay. The bid was at $1.50. I put a max bid in of $2.50. I got it for two bucks:

What kind of jewelry to make out of it is beyond my imagination and/or ability. So I made a box for it (of course I made a box!) and it now sits on the CD holder in the living room. That's not to say I've never made jewelry out of druzy. This is a ring I made:

And a pendant I made. Now, before I show you this pendant, let it be known that it wasn't until after I showed it to a friend and she pointed it out to me, how much this looks like a vajayjay:

If the stone wants to be a twat, I say let it be one. P.S., I will sell you this Pendant Vajajay for ten bucks.

Most jewelry makers, better craftsmen than I, let the druzy speak for itself. These are saying, "I am a bird":

This is druzy is all about being a heart. An anatomical heart.

And, for sure as my eyes can hear, this druzy is saying, "You may be beautiful but you are one crazy, mean bitch. I am so breaking up with you. Please don't kill me."