Thursday, June 25, 2015

Old Westbury Gardens Garden

This entry was going to be the final Box With Pics entry but, um, I can't find the damned box. It should be on the bookshelf in my bedroom where I keep my 'working on' projects but it's not. It may have been knocked down by a cat or two and then batted under the bed. If that is the case it is lost forever because it is a battlefield under my bed and I am not brave enough for combat. Instead, here are the gardens at Old Westbury Gardens.

This was not actually in the gardens but in the "backyard" of the Phipps Mansion. I am of the opinion that they coulda hidden the obvious flower pot a bit better.

This is a bust of a Very Important Person. It has to be, seeing as how dramatically it has been framed and displayed. Since I never got close enough to see who this VIP is, I'm going to say it is Don Featherstone. Please read link in order to find out how very important he was to mankind.

Since this is a garden, we must take pictures of the beautiful flora. I'm sure the curators meant for this to be a focal point in the gardens.

And also, these guys should be prominently displayed.

All right, all right. I'll will show a picture of what the Gardens will approve of being Garden Worthy.

Lotso mushrooms. Can I help it if I think the mushrooms make such a pretty picture? The mushrooms are much more gardeny than this scary-assed display of Children of the Corn playhouse.

Fine, fine, FINE! Here's a picture of me leading you down the garden path.

How 'bout some flowers? Pretty Foxglove, Will kill you in an instant, don't even look at it too hard or your heart will stop Foxglove.

All right, ALL RIGHT! Here's a pretty plant that's just pretty and non-poisonous and ornamental and no tricks up my sleeve plain old garden plant: A water lily.

Apparently she touched the OMG POISONOUS Foxglove and lost her arm.

And we can all agree, this is a nice garden with another bust of the all important Mr. Featherstone.

You say I'm leading you down the garden path like that's a bad thing.

Here's a thatched cottage, helpfully labeled in case you didn't know what it is.

This is where the slaves lived. Or where the children played. Tomato, tomahto.

Fancy a dip in the pool? How about more naked ladies? Why not both?

Enough naked ladies. I want naked children molesting a goose.

Before the days of drive in movies and short stay motels, this is where the young ones came to fool around. For reals. There's a plaque here that says so.

I have tons more pictures of lovely landscapes and many, many pictures of flowers too. But I'm tired of uploading them. Here's the house one more time AND THAT'S IT!

80's romance guy lives in a house exactly like this one.