Monday, June 8, 2015

DIY Lego Table. Did I Save Money?

My kids' birthdays were the fourth. I do believe that sentence is grammatically correct. It reads and looks all kinds of wrong, though. However, both my children were born on the fourth of June, so I think the sentence would pass muster in Mrs. Jove's 5th grade class.

So anyway, the birthdays were on the fourth.  I knew this long before the fourth arrived. I did give this some thought before the fouth and decided a good gift for The Boy would be a Lego table. When I mentioned it to his girlfriend in the beginning of May she, too, thought it was a good idea. The Girl gets cash. Cash money and a ring I've made for her.

Cut to June first: "Are you still making that table for Justin for his birthday?" asks Missi. Holy crap! It was May for so long and I haven't even begun to think about this table. I look up how much it would cost just to buy one. Uh. . . you've got to be kidding me. Now the question is: Can I make a Lego table in 4 days that would be less than buying one? We will find out.

First thing I purchased was this DHP Parson's End Table for $17.93. I got the "natural" color which was five dollars cheaper than the black one.

This 15X15 Lego Brick Plate was $15.99

Don't be fooled by the pretty picture, there are no Lego pieces. Just the building plate. I thought these two expenditures would be it, but I realized half a coat in that my tubes of acrylic paint were not gonna make it. Trip to Home Depot for two sample sized paints in blue and orange (go New York State!) and a spray can of clear. That all was $12.99.

Two days of sanding, priming, painting and gluing later--

a Lego table for $46.91.

Now for the big question: Did I save money? Well, in all my searching (this included Walmart, Amazon and Target) I did not find a Lego table under $50. I did find one that looks a lot like the one I made, only not personalized in The Boy's favorite colors, for $140.00.

To be fair, this does come with the two cassocks. That's what the description calls the two things that are not a table. I did not want them. What would he do with them, anyway? It's bad enough he's a grown man with a Lego table.

The Girl will get a ring I made in a box I made and some cash money. Here's the ring I made:

Nowhere near fifty bucks in materials.

Happy 28th Ebony and Justin!

80's romance girl is mailing applications and resumes. Snail mailing. Do companies even accept snail mail applications any more?